Top SEO Trends for 2014

The field of search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is changing as we speak. Here are some of the newest trends that would likely hit the spotlight this year.

Unique, Quality Content

Let’s face it, the ability to create unique, high-quality content is still integral for any business’ success online (and frankly, good content is still at the heart of an effective SEO campaign). People surfing the web constantly encounter messages and organic results they can choose from whenever they search for something, and having relevant content that stands out from the rest spells the difference between an SEO campaign’s success and failure.

Mobile Compatibility

A website optimized for mobile devices has become much more valuable for SEO than ever before, mainly because a lot of people are relying on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to reach out and be reached. Search engines like Google consider mobile-friendly websites more useful and important than their non-optimized counterparts, putting the owners of the latter at a huge business disadvantage.

Conversational” Searching

Google’s latest Hummingbird algorithm update is designed to better handle longer, conversational search queries, and companies that don’t adapt to this kind of setup are in for a ranking disappointment. Optimizing your site in compliance with the new search engine rules will be valuable to the business in the long run and will help improve webpage rankings.


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